Trinibad music being monitored by police as part of gang crackdown

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Trinibad music being monitored by police as part of gang crackdown

Head of the Criminal Division acting ACP Vena Butler said the police will be monitoring Trinibad music in a bid to crack down on gangs.

Butler, during a TTPS media briefing on Thursday, noted the challenges posed by gangs and gang activities and said police are committed to boosting their efforts in that regard.

“We recognise that the music is being used to influence and maybe even propagate the culture and associated activities.

“Any music that plays in our local community that promotes violence propagates gang culture or promotes activities related to that culture will be monitored.”

Butler added: “We are paying attention to what is happening and you will see the results of that monitoring and our actions.”

She said while the police had not yet “optimised” their use of the Anti-Gang Act, she believed with co-operation from the Director of Public Prosecutions, more success would soon be seen.

“Since mid 2023, we’ve been having some success with the gang legislation, as we have been prosecuting gang members…We are focused on building evidentially sound cases that can meet the required standard for successful prosecution and robust scrutiny in the judicial system. We are building evidentially strong cases.
“We acknowledge that we must continue to work towards improvement and that is our commitment.”

Butler said police were also focusing their efforts and resources on criminals whom they have dubbed the “power few.” She explained those were people deemed to be prolific offenders whom the TTPS monitored on a daily basis.