The hunt is on for survivors amidst looting and shooting in the Bahamas

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The hunt is on for survivors amidst looting and shooting in the Bahamas

Survivors of Hurricane Dorian in the Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands in the Bahamas claim that some survivors are shooting others for food.

The Category 5 Hurricane battered the islands last week and left total destruction on the island in its wake. One survivor claims that the area in which he stayed “smells of death”. Many are seeing corpses on the street and in the water as they search for food. One survivor is said to have witnessed “pillaging, looting, (people) trying to shoot people for food and water. It’s just no way everyone’s going to get out”. There are currently no businesses, banks, houses, gas stations or even hardware stores left standing, which begs the question of what the looters are hoping to find.

Many countries have sent relief efforts in the form of food, water and manpower to help rescue those still missing or unable to get to hospitals to be treated for injuries. British and American rescue teams have landed on the islands bringing aid with them, but primarily hoping to search through the flattened buildings to find survivors. Trinidad and Tobago’s troops have also joined the relief efforts. The Health Minister is warning citizens that they should prepare for “unimaginable information about the death toll and the human suffering”.

The death toll thus far is said to be 40 persons, but survivors have been seeing dead corpses as they walk through the towns. Added to that are the thousands of persons still missing. Social media is currently being used by family members to search for lost relatives, or relatives who they hope are still lost. Families are also using website to post the names of their relatives who are missing. The website currently lists more than 5,000 missing people.


*Photos courtesy: Reuters, Associated Press and EPA