The Green Party tells parents: “Skip SEA!”

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The Green Party tells parents: “Skip SEA!”

Political Leader of the Green Party of Trinidad and Tobago (GPTT) Dr. Everold Hosein is advising parents to skip the SEA.

In a facebook po st he said this coming Thursday  March 21, our PNM/UNC government will inflict a perverse form of child abuse on 20,000 children with the traumatic administration of SEA and parents are forced to participate.

He said the Green Party’s advice to parents is: Don’t participate. Skip SEA. Have their children attend school but tell them to ignore the exam. Read a book instead.

He advised they’ll get a far better education than suffering through SEA.

In his post he stated that almost 40% of children “fail” SEA.

But they are assigned anyway to some secondary school somewhere in a mysterious process used by the education authorities.

In fact, even when a child achieves a passing grade at the SEA if it’s not high enough to get their choice of “elite, prestige, fancy” school they are basically treated as having failed and get assigned to a school anyway through the mystery process.

He said if this is the outcome for 90% of those who take SEA, there is no need to bother with the psychological damage and trauma of taking SEA.

Dr. Hosein noted while we make SEA impotent, we must then begin focusing on building a new education structure, along the lines of the GPTT Education Transformation agenda  in which we have equal access to a quality education for all focusing on character development and not academic and testing skills.