Chihuahua sends woman to hospital after bedroom diarrhoea incident

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Chihuahua sends woman to hospital after bedroom diarrhoea incident

A British woman learned the hard way that dogs don’t belong sleeping on your bed after her pet Chihuahua sent her to the hospital.

Amanda Gommo was sleeping with her mouth open when she woke as something squirted into it.

It turns out her pet chichuahua, who was also sleeping on the bed near to her face, had a stomach bug and developed sudden violent diarrhoea.

Gommo ran to the bathroom to wash her mouth but managed to snap a pic of the damage done to her face by the dog.

Her daughter took the dog to the vet where the pooch was diagnosed with a nasty stomach bug and put on antibiotics.

Later that day, Gommo started displaying the same symptoms as the dog so she rung ambulance.

Paramedics showed up and prescribed her painkillers for her stomach cramps and instructed her to drink lots of water to flush out any potential infection.

However 2 days later, her symptoms became worse with her stomach cramps spreading to all over her body.

She was taken to hospital, hooked up to drips and diagnosed with a gastrointestinal infection that had been passed through the dog’s faeces into her mouth days earlier.

She was hospitalized for three days after the diarrhoea forced her kidneys to shrivel to half their size.

Gommo said she has forgiven the dog and said she “will definitely be more mindful” of the position they sleep in, in the future!