Supermarkets Assoc. says 24-HR opening a “sensible” decision

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Supermarkets Assoc. says 24-HR opening a “sensible” decision

The Prime Minister’s decision to allow Supermarkets to open on a 24-hour basis has been described as a “sensible” move.

Head of the Supermarkets’ Association of T&T (SATT), Rajiv Diptee, said “It is one of the most sensible moves that the Prime Minister can do for the Christmas season in light of the fact that we are trying to implement social distancing in a bid to reduce crowds at the stores.”

Supermarkets had to limit their hours since April, as part of Government’s measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Now, in light of the busy shopping season ahead, the Prime Minister stated that between December 10 and January 3, groceries and supermarkets will be allowed to open continuously for 24 hours.

He said this will allow more spacing out of shoppers over the busy period, which will help with social distancing.

In an interview with GML, Diptee admitted that the idea for extended hours was brought up during a stakeholder meeting between SATT and Government and he is happy that SATT’s position was taken into consideration.

However, he stated that there would be additional costs for supermarkets as they will need more security with longer hours.

Diptee assured that supermarkets will continue to be responsible and adhere to strict health protocols to ensure that everyone is protected.

He also assured customers that efforts have been made to keep prices fair and said citizens can still expect bargain prices for the Christmas season.