State submits additional grounds for appeal in Brent Thomas matter

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State submits additional grounds for appeal in Brent Thomas matter

Mere days after the State submitted grounds of appeal to the Appeal Court against the order of Justice Devindra Rampersad’s April 25 judgment on the Brent Thomas issue, the State is to return today to fil additional grounds for the appeal.

The State is seeking an order setting aside the judge’s orders and seeking that costs of the appeal be paid by the respondents –Thomas and Shooting Specialist Training Centre Ltd (SSTCL).

The State is also seeking to have its appeal deemed urgent and heard in priority over other appeals, and that pending the hearing and determination of the appeal, the judge’s order be stayed.

According to reports, Justice Rampersad would today give directions on filing submissions on the compensation to be paid to Thomas following his legal victory in the April 25 matter.

Rampersad’s judgment ruled that Thomas was “unlawfully abducted” last October when T&T police officers, with Barbados police officers’ assistance, detained Thomas while in transit from Barbados to Miami.

Rampersad suggested the manner of the detention indicated an attempt to bypass the lawful procedure of requesting Thomas’ extradition. He halted the criminal case against Thomas.

The State’s 24 grounds of appeal claimed the judge was wrong, erred in law (and other descriptions) on 30 odd aspects, including pertaining to Barbados, the TTPS and Birch, on one and conduct of T&T officers.