Changes coming to Panorama for Carnival 2k22

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Changes coming to Panorama for Carnival 2k22

The reduction in funding for this year’s Taste of Carnival Event, coupled with the pandemic, is forcing some changes to Pan Trinbago’s much loved Panorama competition.

A maximum of 20 million dollars has been approved for the “Taste of Carnival” with fifteen million set to share between the NCC, Pan Trinbago, TUCO, and the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Bands Association with a further maximum of five million dollars provided in sponsorship support to smaller, separately promoted safe zone type of events.

This falls ways short of the 25-30 million dollars bandied about by NCC Chairman Winston Gypsy Peters.

As a result Pan Trinbago Head Beverly Ramsey-Moore says Panorama is set to become more of a performance event rather than a competition.

She explained to Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show that the small and medium bands will however audition for the opportunity to perform at the event.

There will also be limits placed on the on the size of bands for the event.