Spice is set and ready to fight Erica Mena for Safaree

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Spice is set and ready to fight Erica Mena for Safaree

Drama!! Love and Hip Hop stars Spice, Erica Mena and Safaree seem to be at each other’s throat!

This time around the cameras aren’t rolling and Dancehall Queen Spice has boxing gloves on ready go fight Erica Mena for Safaree.

Mena and Safaree and currently divorced with two children, however Safaree has been seen hooking up with cast mate Amara La Negra.

Spice took to her Instagram Stories to call out Erica and refer to her as a ‘Big p@#%y girl’ who caused her marriage to crumble, while blaming Safaree.

All of this seemed to stem from a recent interview where Safaree said he regretted letting Nicki Minaj go and that losing her was his biggest regret.

Nonetheless, Spice has been siding with fellow Jamaican Safaree on his breakup with Erica, adding that she holds a host of secrets for her and the insane things she has done during her marriage with Safaree.

Spice went live on her Instagram page to call out Erica more about their situation while filming Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Spice claims Erica keeps crying wolf, now that she is a single mother, saying that she would not be the first and last single woman the world.

The beef goes even further as Spice claims that Erica would talk bad about her behind her back and did not show real concern when she was in hospital recovering.

Spice claims Erica has been telling people that Safaree and Spice have a hidden sexual relationship; even though Erica and Safaree has been having sex one year after being divorced.

The plot thickens on Love and Hip Hop!!