Security measures beefed up at HDC after altercation

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Security measures beefed up at HDC after altercation

Additional security measures have been implemented at the Housing Development Corporation, after a man was beaten and chopped inside its head office at South Quay, Port of Spain on Wednesday.

In a statement, the HDC said around 11:15am an individual conducting business at the Corporation was accosted by another individual who left the building and returned breaking through the security exit door armed with a cutlass.

The HDC said both customers assaulted each other with an onlooking customer trying to intervene.

A report was made at the Besson Street Police Station and is being investigated by Constable Boucaud.

The HDC said it has since reviewed its security arrangements and held consultation with its staff to alleviate their fears engaging its Employee Assistance Program(EAP) from tomorrow.

HDC Chairman Noel Garcia “was appalled by the situation and reiterated further enforced security measures and enhanced security protocols to be introduced to prevent such incident reoccurring in the future in any and all of HDC locations.”

Managing Director Jayselle McFarlane said: “Today’s (Wednesday’s) incident marks the first of its kind for the HDC. The HDC’s first response is for the safety of its employees and customers. Having engaged the employees today, I am grateful through the discussions held and the prompt response of the local authorities to the situation, that no lives were lost.”

The HDC has now taken proactive steps to ensure the safety and well-being of its employees, visitor and customers.

The Corporation said it is grateful for prompt response of its security personnel, who effectively managed the situation and ensured the safety of everyone involved.