Search is on for missing persons at sea


Search is on for missing persons at sea

Seven people may be still missing at sea after their vessel sank in the Atlantic Ocean back in September.

The seven people were among 14 who were onboard tug boat, Bourbon Rhode, when it went down after being caught in Hurricane Lorenzo’s path. The Hurricane was recorded as a Category 5 and set a course for the United Kingdom. Since the Hurricane passed, three were found by responders and four bodies were discovered; the others are yet to be found. A call has been issued to seafarers and fishermen from Trinidad and Tobago to be on the lookout for the raft as it may contain the survivors.

There are signs that they may still be out at sea since some have spotted emergency flares. One ship has continued its search in the area where Bourbon Rhode was last spotted.

The missing persons are said to be from Croatia and Ukraine. They were on their way to Guyana from Canary Islands.