Sangre Grande cops recover two stolen vehicles in minutes

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Sangre Grande cops recover two stolen vehicles in minutes

Police are searching for two men known to them who are wanted in connection with a report of Larceny Motor Vehicle on Thursday night.

The men narrowly escaped from a team of police officers attached to the Sangre Grande Police Station (SGPS), Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and the Eastern Division Task Force (EDTF), who intercepted the stolen vehicle in Bella Vista Gardens, Oropouche Road, Sangre Grande.

According to police reports, at 11:15 pm on September 28th, 2023, a man was driving north along Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande, in his white Toyota Corolla, accompanied by his son, when on reaching the vicinity of the Sangre Grande Fire Station, they felt an impact to the rear of their vehicle.

The men stopped and came out of the vehicle to make checks for damages.

Upon doing so, they observed a man exiting a silver Nissan Almera who entered their vehicle and drove off without their permission.

Police were immediately alerted to the theft and personnel attached to the SGPS and CID responded. They later intercepted the stolen motor vehicle at Bella Vista Gardens, Oropouche Road, Sangre Grande.

While bringing the vehicle to a halt, however, two suspects, known to police alighted and ran off in opposite directions. They escaped into the darkness.

A short while later, first responders received additional support from the EDTF where a systematic search was conducted for the suspects without success.
PC Budhooram, of the Sangre Grande CID, is continuing investigations.
Arrests in this case are imminent.

In the second incident in the Valencia District earlier in the night, police also responded to a report of Larceny Motor Vehicle in which they recovered the car.

According to police reports, at 9 pm, a man parked his silver Nissan Almera in his unfenced yard in the KP Lands, Valencia area and went into his home, leaving his car keys on the front right side door.

One hour later, he heard the sound of a motor vehicle engine starting, and upon making checks, he observed his car being reversed out of his yard.

Police were notified and a team of officers from the Sangre Grande CID canvassed the area. They later recovered the motor vehicle in the Guy Street, Oropouche Road area.
WPC Williams-James is continuing investigations into the case.

Both vehicles are being processed by crime scene experts before being returned to their owners.