Rowley to UNC: Obey Covid-19 rules during walkabouts

Rowley to UNC: Obey Covid-19 rules during walkabouts

With elections now a week away, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley is calling on candidates who are campaigning to abide by the Covid-19 rules.

Dr. Rowley said, “It is clear that my appeal to the public to take the threat of COVID-19 seriously and to not congregate or assemble in large groups is falling on many deaf ears.”

“These are people who believe that they must put their finger in the wound to believe that there could be pain.”

He said it in that context, that he is once again appealing to his colleagues of the political arena, the UNC, officers, and supporters to stop organising large groups of people to walk around neighborhoods.

He said the action provides fertile conditions to fuel an outbreak of the virus.

He said, “This political activity may be deemed essential but not in this time of a pandemic.”

“This action of denial or daring poses a threat to the entire nation. There are many other ways to reach and influence the electorate.”

“I appeal to all persons organising groups to refrain from violating the health protocols of small groups and wearing of masks once outdoors among people.”