Ramoutar: Attack on prison officers concerning!

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Ramoutar: Attack on prison officers concerning!

Acting Commissioner of Prisons Deopersad Ramoutar says that the present attack on prison officers is very worrying.

Police believe the shootings of a prisons officer yesterday and last week were ordered from behind prison walls.

The latest prisons officer to be shot is Krishna Merhair.

He was shot yesterday morning while washing down his driveway at Tunapuna Road, Tunapuna.

Last week Thursday, prisons officer Andy Rogers was shot 20 times at Daniel Trace, Malabar, Arima.

Also, this past weekend, the house of a prisons supervisor was shot at.

He was placed under security and in a safe house, police said.

Five days ago a prisons officer was shot in a gun attack in Barataria.

The target is believed to have been the Deputy Prisons Commissioner, Sherwin Bruce.

He was not injured but the 49-year-old driver, who is the bodyguard of the Deputy Commissioner saved himself by ducking as the bullets came through the front windscreen however he was shot twice in the arm.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show this morning Acting Commissioner Ramoutar said that the driver was in stable condition at hospital and that there was someone in custody aiding police with their investigation.

He also said that while there had been a few reasons bandied about concerning the reason for disgruntled prisoners to order attacks from behind bars, he wanted to debunk one of the issues prisoners had.

That is what has been described as the inability of the prisoners to see their visitors, lawyers and loved ones.

He said that it became necessary to decrease the number of visitors for logistical and safety reasons.