PrideTT calls on citizens to unite and speak against homophobia following “rainbow book” controversy

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PrideTT calls on citizens to unite and speak against homophobia following “rainbow book” controversy

PrideTT has expressed sadness and great concern over the recent furor over a series of LGBTQ+ related books that were being sold at a local bookstore.

In a press release from the organisation on Saturday, they said they are saddened by the extent of misinformation and disinformation, saying the issue is being promoted by individuals who have erroneously labeled these books as propaganda.

The release also conveyed dissatisfaction with members of religious organisations, and their response to the situation.

“We are also dismayed by the blatantly false recent statements made by various religious leaders on national television about the LGBTQ+ community, ” the release said.

They noted that these leaders may contribute to discrimination and increase violence against members of the community within the nation.

The release stated, “We also note the statements made in the video and by the religious leaders are part of a wider campaign to spread propaganda about the LGBTQ+ community and to incite fear, violence, and increased discrimination against LGBTQ+ citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.”

PrideTT also criticised persons who were seen harassing bookstore employees.

“We condemn the actions of the individuals who were seen harassing an employee at a bookstore in a video widely circulated on social media. The actions of these individuals are best characterized as intimidation against the employees.”

The organisation expressed its willingness “to resolve the misinformation being propagated” while calling for the unity of all citizens in T&T.

“It is the collective responsibility of every citizen to ensure that we create a nation that is free and safe from all forms of discrimination and inequalities against all marginalized and vulnerable groups. Therefore, we must unite and speak out against incidents of this nature that are rooted in homophobia and discrimination and may result in unnecessary violence toward vulnerable groups.”