Police probing tragic death of teacher at San Fernando Hill

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Police probing tragic death of teacher at San Fernando Hill

Police are probing the death of school teacher and mother of one Renee Mitchell.

Mitchell, 39, a teacher at the Brighton Anglican Primary School, died at the San Fernando General Hospital at 7.20 am Sunday from multiple injuries she suffered while attending Illusion’s Solset: Supernova Premium Drinks Fete on Saturday night.

Police reports stated that Mitchell went to relieve herself outside the fete between a hedge at 11.55 pm.

Her boyfriend, Peter Rebeiro, was standing nearby when the dirt under her feet gave way, and she fell 40 feet off the cliff.

Rebeiro immediately alerted fire officers at the fete, who called for rescuers at the Mon Repos Fire Station.

Reports state that the rescuers were affected by low light while trying to reach Mitchell from the base of the hill and then returned to the top where they lowered themselves by rope and located her.

An unconscious Mitchell was then taken to hospital but she succumbed to her injuries.

San Fernando Mayor Robert Parris said Mitchell’s death was a tragedy he never wants to happen again. 

However,  Parris said it was the first time he had ever heard of such an incident occurring at an event on the hill.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries said the division was actively co-operating with investigators, and its immediate concern was to lend support to Mitchell’s family, students and colleagues.