Police investigating two murders in the east

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Police investigating two murders in the east

The TTPS were kept busy this weekend with several operations and investigations. Two men were killed in separate incidents , which are engaging the attention of investigators from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations (Region II). The  incidents occurred between Friday night and Saturday morning.

Police reported that on Saturday at around 7.30 am, the police responded to a shooting report and went to Persad Street, off First Street, Five Rivers in Arouca.

Jonathon “Polo” Braithwaite, 23, had been gunned down. Several gunshots were heard at around 3.30 am, but the discovery of the man’s body was made four hours later. Several videos have been circulating on social media with Braithwaite holding two high-powered guns while sitting on a bed.

In the other murder,  Amod “Massy” Brown was shot on Friday at the corner of Stone Circular and Phase 7 in La Horquetta in Arima.  Brown was sitting at the side of the roadway where a gunman approached him and opened fire. He was hit several times but managed to run a short distance away, where he collapsed. Brown was taken to the Arima Hospital, where he died. The gunmen escaped on foot. Police recovered three spent shells and three live rounds of 40 calibre ammunition on the scene.

No one has been arrested.