PNM’s Kim Garcia now declared winner in Arima Northeast

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PNM’s Kim Garcia now declared winner in Arima Northeast

The Arima Northeast seat has now been declared a People’s National Movement (PNM) seat.

Following a tie after the polls had closed for the Local Government election, then a recount which gave the Arima Northeast seat to the United National Congress (UNC), the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) has announced that following its latest recount, PNM candidate Kim Magdalene Garcia is the winner of the seat with 625 votes.

In a release on Thursday, the EBC stated, “At the end of the check of the final result of the poll in the electoral district of Arima Northeast, Kim Magdalene Garcia, the People’s National Movement’s candidate, received two additional votes.

“This result overturns the outcome of the recount, which was conducted during the period August 16 th -17 th , 2023 and saw the United National Congress’ candidate Jairzinho Domingo Gustav Rigsby being declared the winner.

“This check was conducted by the Assistant Chief Election Officer, Pamela Ogiste, on Thursday 24 th August, 2023 in accordance with Election Rule 106(1). These are the results:

People’s National Movement 625
Progressive Empowerment Party 81
United National Congress 624