PM Dr. Rowley-“Stand your ground Law will only benefit a few”

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PM Dr. Rowley-“Stand your ground Law will only benefit a few”

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley hosted another edition of ‘Conversations’ last evening in St Joseph. The PM last described the Opposition’s Stand Your Ground campaign as a copy-cat Legislation and also said it’s proposal was nothing more than a political tool to fuel the interests of certain persons who had much to gain from placing firearms in the hands of the population. He asked how many in the audience could afford forty thousand dollars to acquire a legal firearm.
The Prime Minister also explained a former CoP was before the Courts every week in an attempt to prevent the public finding out about millions of rounds of ammunition which are unaccounted for and the over forty thousand FULs granted during his tenure as COP.

Dr. Rowley said the granting of FULs had become a business that generated millions of dollars for a few.

Dr. Rowley made the claims as he responded to a question from St Joseph resident Keron Raymond during Conversations with the Prime Minister at the La Joya Complex , in St Joseph last night.

The PM opined that no local government body could pass ‘Stand your ground law, adding that Stand Your Ground provided licensed firearm users a clearance to act without proportionality.

The Prime Minister said the campaign is being used a political tool in a local government campaign and it could not be a national policy that everyone be given a gun to defend themselves if threatened.
He said militarization of the country was not the answer to the country’s crime problems.