PM: Divali holds a light to the flood of darkness and wars around us

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PM: Divali holds a light to the flood of darkness and wars around us

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has called on citizens to look within for peace.

In his Divali message to the nation, he warned citizens that they could see some effects of the wars taking place around the world.

Dr Rowley said in recent times, there was the feeling among many people, himself included, that there were signs, at last, that gave us hope for greater human understanding, comity, and long-lasting peace.

“On reflection, we, quite naively, charted that hope from the cognitive revolution of early man, later in his so-called Western Age of Enlightenment, followed by what we believed to be a centuries-long march of progress, into a Fourth Industrial Revolution, with artificial intelligence, creating advances in genetic engineering, robotics, nano-technology, quantum computing, and space exploration,” he said.

He added that for us, there was hope that at some point man would have overcome, finally, his fatal flaw, that of irrationality.

“But for the past two years, the world has been under many dark clouds of war and inhumanity on a scale unanticipated in modern times. So, as citizens, be warned that the gruesome effects of these occurrences will reach our land, in some form,” he said.

The Prime Minister said the inherent message of Divali holds a light to this flood of darkness, inviting each one of us to look within ourselves for inner peace, beyond the rapid and confusing pace of our daily lives.