Philip Morris consolidates its smoke free vision in T&T

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Philip Morris consolidates its smoke free vision in T&T

As part of its pursuit and commitment to provide better alternatives to adult smokers who would otherwise will continue to smoke, Philip Morris Trinidad & Tobago Ltd. has announced the consolidation of its smoke-free vision in Trinidad & Tobago, with science-based risk reduced alternatives for adult smokers.

Philip Morris International, Inc. (PMI) has demonstrated its global commitment to lead the world into a smoke-free future, by focusing on innovating in the development of scientifically backed combustion-free products ( ).

“We are on a mission to encourage the hundreds of millions of adults around the world who would otherwise continue to smoke to switch to better alternatives as soon as possible. To do this, we provide a portfolio of innovative products that help adult smokers to switch if they do not quit tobacco and nicotine use all together. With the introduction of this smoke free alternative, Veev
Now, to Trinidad & Tobago, Philip Morris, as the leading smoke-free products company in the world, will lead the way of Tobacco Harm Reduction in TT”, Sheldon Wood, General Manager for Philip Morris Trinidad and Tobago, explained.

The fast pace of breakthroughs in science and technology, combined with growing consumer demand for better alternatives to cigarettes, has created an environment where diversity of product offerings that respond to these needs and innovation are key. PMI’s disposable vaping device emits on average 99% fewer harmful chemicals than traditional cigarettes. Although this product is not risk-free, preventing combustion and, with it, the harmful substances mentioned, it is a better alternative than continuing to smoke ( Is vaping harmful? | Vaping side effects | Cancer Research UK ).

Responsible, innovative, and supported product
“PMI is committed to responsible category leadership by adhering to stringent responsible marketing, our Good Conversion and Sales Practices, with engagement and education intended solely for adult customers who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine containing products”, Wood said.

For a Trinidad & Tobago free of cigarette smoke
Trinidad & Tobago is one of the countries in the Caribbean Region in which Philip Morris International consolidates its vision, providing not only science-based alternatives, but also education regarding the risks of smoking, and the importance of responsible commercialization. Globally, PMI’s smoke-free products are present in 81 countries, with more than 28 million adult users representing already around 35% of the company’s revenues, which evidences the progressive realization of its smoke-free vision. Trinidad & Tobago is now part of the vision.