People Urged To Take Care Of Their Health

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People Urged To Take Care Of Their Health

People need to take responsibility with their own actions especially when it comes to their health however they require the tools to do so by the Governmental authorities.

This is according to Dr Asante Le Blanc of the Cancer Society who spoke with the Power Breakfast Show Thursday  morning.

She said people need to understand they are responsible for what they put into their bodies.

Wednesday Dr Le Blanc said many cancer patients in Trinidad & Tobago may be getting “antiquated drugs”, if any at all, through the public health system, as shortages of some medicines are still being reported due to lack of funding, among other issues.

She bashed growing inefficiencies in public cancer care, non-cohesion with the Ministry of Health and an “all-talk” approach to policy on healthier lifestyles among the population.

Dr. Le Blanc was speaking before a Joint Select Committee of the Parliament on Social Services and Public Administration, which convened a virtual public hearing on “An inquiry into Trinidad and Tobago’s response to the prevalence of Non-communicable diseases (with specific focus on Diabetes, Cardiological Diseases and Cancer”.

She cited a need for the Government and other stakeholders to focus on the prevention of lifestyle diseases.

Dr Le Blanc said if this is done there will be a significant impact on the health of the population.