Penal residents burn tires; demand roads be repaired

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Penal residents burn tires; demand roads be repaired

Penal residents staged a firey protest on Monday morning, over the deplorable conditions of their roads.

Fire services had to be called out to extinguish burning debris along Maria David Trace, San Francique Road, Penal, as resident gathered from as early as 5:30am.

Speaking on behalf of the group, one resident, Ronald Kitwaroo, told media: “We asking for the two sides of the road, big hole, to be fixed. They using this road as a main road because they block San Francique Road now three months. The school bus stop passing, children cannot go to school.”

He said their complaints to those in charge have fallen on deaf ears.

Incumbent councillor Doodnath Mayrhoo said it would cost over $1 million to repair the road, but the corporation does not have the funds.

Mayrhoo said he will support residents to continue protesting until the road is repaired.