Opposition members visibly absent from Kangaloo’s inauguration

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Opposition members visibly absent from Kangaloo’s inauguration

No Opposition members were visibly present at the inauguration ceremony for President Christine Kangaloo at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

However, UNC Public Relations Officer (PRO), Dr Kirk Meighoo, said he wasn’t aware of any Opposition member attending the inauguration.

In a GML interview yesterday, Meighoo said, “It was not an official boycott. We told everybody if they wanted to attend, they could. We believe in democracy unlike the PNM, but we’re all of the same mind apparently. If any of our colleagues did and we find out later then that’s fine, there’s no prohibition on attending.”

Regarding parts of President Kangaloo’s speech in which she extended an olive branch to those who have raised concerns about her assuming the role, Meighoo said: “What we will do is we will work to ensure that she fulfils her role as an independent check and balance on the Government and not just a closeted PNM or a PNM crony and if she surprises us all and keeps appointing independent persons, as opposed to closet PNM people or openly PNM people like she is herself, if she surprises us, that would be great and that will be a welcome step forward.

“As it is, we have to see… We will make sure we do everything in our power to ensure that whatever appointments she makes we scrutinise it and make sure that they are independent and that these institutions do not become PNM institutions or secret PNM institutions.”