Obeah rituals used in Dancehall music?

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Obeah rituals used in Dancehall music?

Dancehall artiste by the name of ‘Unknown Gringo’ strongly believes that there is a connection between lotto scamming and the use of obeah to protect the ill-gotten gains, especially in Dancehall music.

Gringo in an interview with DancehallMag said he is not surprised that the broadcasting of obeah practices has become a fixture in local Dancehall music over the past two years.

Unknown Gringo said, obeah has been a part of Jamaican society for a long time, just as long as science has always been around.

Lovindeer sang about it way back and the young youths dem a use it as a storyline because music is art, a creative force, and dem a sing trap music and some ah dem a hustle in the game so dem a sing about dem lifestyle,”

He said that the Dancehall artistes sing about a variety of obeah paraphernalia in their songs.

“Dem sing about the ‘Fast Luck’ candle that when you light it, it help yu make money, dem sing about guard rings, money-drawing candles, clearance soap, and the more it work, the more dem do it because dem a mek money,” he said.

According to Unknown Gringo, today’s generation of artists seems to find the topic of obeah less verboten than their peers before them. One only has to listen to recent dancehall hits to see the corollary between obeah and scamming.

Valiant’s St. Mary includes references like “we ah work the Guzu hard and ah chap up the line”, and “every money haffi pay because mi rub down with oil”, while RadijahWild’s asserts on Another Day, Another Dollar: “send a duppy fi give yu cancer’.