Nutrimix not dropping price of bulk flour

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Nutrimix not dropping price of bulk flour

The price of bulk flour remains the same and will not be reduced, despite the recent reduction in the price of flour on May 10.

Nutrimix advised that the price reduction recently was intended to benefit retail customers only.

Nutrimix representative Vashti Bowlah, in a Newsday interview, said though the price of larger flour packages were not reduced, the company is always revisiting prices to see how it can best share savings with all customers.

“What we would usually do is offer special prices to bakeries. However, with this particular decrease, we wanted it to reach our retail consumers. This is the type of products our consumers would purchase – our two kg and ten kg. We wanted whatever decrease in wheat prices to trickle down to housewives and those who go directly into the supermarket.

“We regularly review our prices – for example, when we do price promotions throughout the year we ensure our bakeries, industrial customers and wholesalers also benefit from these prices.”

Bowlah said “While we are always looking for ways to reduce and offer better prices on our entire range of products. As of now, that is where we stand until we look at the bulk prices again.”