New digital system for CTU to help fight human trafficking

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New digital system for CTU to help fight human trafficking

The Counter Trafficking Unit (CTU) of the Ministry of National Security says it plans to implement a digital Case Management system that will serve as a repository of all data related to the trafficking in persons.

The announcement was made by the unit’s newly appointed Director, Mr. Allan Meiguel, as he spoke at a Stakeholder Reception last week, hosted in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) (funded by the Migration Multi-Partner Trust Fund), at the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Sports Clubhouse, Police Academy, St. James.

Under the theme “Forging Collaborative Bonds”, more than 80 stakeholders and partners dedicated to combatting human trafficking were in attendance, symbolic of the strength and unity required in the ongoing fight against this global menace.

Sharing the vision and mission for the CTU, Director Meiguel said “There is a well documented and established Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which outlines a route map of the process to be followed when a potential case of trafficking arises, which we envision being placed on a digital platform that incorporates a Case Management Software system.”

He said the software will serve as a repository of all Trafficking in Persons (TIPs) data, court orders, victim care and outreach programmes. It will also

• Allow for updates and tracking from all related partners and service providers of victim care

• Generate reports and analysis to identify trends leading to predictive enforcement

• Build operational capacity and assist in the preparation of case files.