Mother loses her three sons in two months

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Mother loses her three sons in two months

Mother of three, Nicole Greenidge suffered a major loss within two-and-a-half months, from December 2021 to February 2022; when all three of her sons died one after the other.

A Guardian Newspaper report states that her youngest son, Yusuf Henry died, her eldest son, and middle son Araghah Henry was 34 when he died on December 13, 2021.

He had previously been diagnosed with cancer and was thought to be in remission when he fell ill again.

After extensive testing, doctors told Araghah he had a blood clot in the brain. But before he could be treated, Araghah passed away.

A little over two weeks after the passing of her eldest son, Greenidge was preparing for another funeral.

Marcus Henry, Greenidge’s second son, was a police officer, he developed a cold.

In the report she said he got wet in the rain and was later told he contracted COVID-19.

He then claimed if he had developed COVID, it would have been because he put on a ward with other COVID patients.

“He died from a heart attack. He called me the same day, he send a picture of himself with the mask on, and he called me Mommy.”

She said it was at that time, she made a vow to keep Yusuf and her only daughter, Afeisha, close to her in hopes of protecting them.

However on February 25, Afeisha received a call from one of Yusuf’s coworkers, informing her that an accident had happened and Yusuf was missing.

Yusuf and four other divers went down to conduct underwater works, and they were considered missing.

Yusuf’s body was recovered on February 28, bringing her vigil to a heartbreaking end.