More red flags and question raised as shells bearing markings “TTR” and “TTPS appear on crime scene again

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More red flags and question raised as shells bearing markings “TTR” and “TTPS appear on crime scene again

More red flags as question are again being raised about spent shells bearing markings “TTR” and “TTPS”. These insignia usually indicate the ammunition is registered to the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment and the Trinidad and Tobago Police service respectively. The TTPS has reported that 24 spent 9mm shells were found at that scene, and of that number six of the spent shells had the marking “TTR” while four spent shells had “TTPS” markings.

This according to sources inside both institutions have raised concerns as similar shells have been discovered over the last week when shells were found at four crime scenes. One of the incidents involved the murder of 36-year-old Jabari Williams who was fatally shot on Tuesday night in the car park of Tru Valu Supermarket in Diego Martin.

The markings are usually laser-engraved on shells to allow the rounds to be identified when they are used by law enforcement, with the added hope that it would deter criminal elements from using them.

This scenario was raised at the JSC National Security earlier this year, when official of both institutions were asked why ammunition with their markings ended up on crime scenes. Earlier this year, the TTPS launched an investigation into how such marked shells seemed to be making their way into the hands of criminal elements.

In a press release on December 29 last year, the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment indicated it was cooperating with the police following reports that ammunition rounds bearing the marking “TTR” had been found at several crime scenes last year.
At that JSC, the Regiment noted then that it was “working tirelessly” and cooperating with the TTPS to determine the authenticity of the rounds found on the scenes.

A senior TTR official said: “The Regiment wishes to reassure the public that systems are in place to safeguard our ammunition from falling into the hands of criminal elements and this includes accounting procedures to prevent occurrences of unauthorised use. Based on the outcome of such review, the necessary military disciplinary actions will be instituted to address any contraventions of criminal law,” the release stated.