Shenseea to name debut album after late mom and launch shoe line

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Shenseea to name debut album after late mom and launch shoe line

Shenseea says she’s in the process of changing her album name before releasing her debut studio album. The dancehall deejay sat down with Nessa on Air on Hot 97 radio, where she disclosed that the album was ready for release, but with the new Covid-19 variants coming out, there is uncertainty about the release date.

ShenYeng noted that she would like to travel and tour to promote her music, but if the variants affect lockdowns, that would foil her plan.

Artists generally make the bulk of their income from tours and performances, so this is understandable as Shenseea hopes her first album will launch her career in the United States mainstream music market. It’s a tough feat for the Jamaican-born deejay who harbors hopes of becoming as big as Rihanna globally.

The “Run Run” dancehall star also added that she was in the process of renaming her album, which was originally named in honor of her mother, but it’s a painful reminder for her each time she speaks of the album.

“So I have a couple names in mind but nothing sticks yet….it’s really personal because it’s about my late mom. The thing is I was so hooked to the name, I was like ‘yo, I want to dedicate this first album to my mom’ but it’s like some of my team members was like we don’t think that’s the best thing for you because you’re so emotional about it because every time you’re gonna talk about this album you’re gonna remember your mom, which is crazy, sad but true,” she admitted.

Shenseea added that she’s still dealing with her mother’s death and becomes emotional speaking about her.

“So I was like you actually do have a point. I don’t want to be stuck talking about my mom for oh so long especially since its first album. So you get me, I just decided that I will listen because I’m still grieving.”

Shenseea also says she wants to launch a shoe line as she really likes footwear.

The artist already has her own eyelash line and has several endorsements deals with fashion companies like Pretty Little Thing, but her own shoes line is something she wants.

“My first love is shoes, I’m in love with shoes, I think I’m going to start shoes first then maybe skincare and hair after,” She said when asked about her plans to get into the business side of things, “I have every styles of shoes…I was always trying on my aunty’s heels,” she says of the beginning of her love with shoes.

Meanwhile, Shenseea says her biggest goals right now are achieving her goals of becoming a Pop artist in the U.S and having peace of mind from grieving and other things in her life.

Speaking about her experience as an artist, Shenseea says that even though the music industry is male-dominated, she is the first female artist from Jamaica to perform live on the Rolling Loud Music Festival stage. Shenseea appeared in a jerk pan to kick off her performance on July 23 as the Festival began.

“This is a male dominated industry, yet I am the first female artist and artist period to perform from Jamaica on Rolling Loud stage. So I don’t pay attention to people saying it’s a male dominated industry, I’m here regardless and I’m gonna do what I came to do,” she said.