MOE proposes “bubble-like” approach in draft reopening plan for schools

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MOE proposes “bubble-like” approach in draft reopening plan for schools

A hybrid learning system is top amongst the proposals compiled in a draft document by the Education Ministry, as preparations get underway for the anticipated reopening of schools in January 2021.

However, this is all dependent on the Ministry of Health giving the green light to the return to physical classes.

The proposed measures include:
-Hybrid learning, consisting of both online classes and physical interaction in classrooms;
-Staggered hours for the arrival and departure of students;
-Social distancing in classrooms;
-Preference of class assemblies;
-Separate recess and lunch and bathroom breaks to avoid congregation in washrooms and cafeterias.

Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, in an interview with Guardian Media, described the hybrid learning system as “a bubble-type approach” as classes will be split into two groups.

She admitted that this term was “very difficult at first because it was new and the concept of having to be totally online…that was not the plan.”

The guidelines initially issued for this term were also revised and she said “teachers, parents and students are now more settled as they understand what is expected of them.”

Gadsby-Dolly said “We are anticipating that we should get back face-to-face sometime soon but we don’t know if it is January, it depends on the pandemic and its trajectory. We know it must be done at some point, therefore the preparations are being made now so if it is January, we intend to be ready and if it is not January, we will be in a stage of readiness.”
She said they really want the proposals in the draft document to work and are willing to amend the document once feedback is given by the stakeholders.