Minnesota woman goes skydiving for 91st birthday

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Minnesota woman goes skydiving for 91st birthday

A Minnesota woman celebrated her upcoming 91st birthday by going skydiving for the first time.

Ida Shannon, who turns 91 later this month, said her skydiving plan began when friends from Heights Church in Columbia Heights asked how she was going to celebrate her 90th birthday after she impressed the congregation by going ziplining for her 80th.

“Someone asked me what I was going to do next, and without even thinking about it, I said, ‘Oh, I’ll just go skydiving,'” Shannon told WCCO TV.

Shannon said she was surprised when the members of her church stepped up to put her plan into action.

“I didn’t really think that was ever going to happen, but then they went ahead and raised money for me to do this,” she said.

The sky diving trip had to be delayed until closer to her 91st birthday.

“Life would be pretty dull if you didn’t embrace adventures,” Shannon said. “I like taking risks I think I was born that way.”