Ministry Of Labour To Commence Job Vacancy Survey

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Ministry Of Labour To Commence Job Vacancy Survey

The Ministry of Labour is set to commence a Job Vacancy Survey in organisations within the Private Sector and State Enterprises.

It is being carried out by the Ministry’s Labour Market Information Unit in collaboration with Kairi Consultants Limited.

The Ministry of Labour says the survey will last for a three-month period.

This Survey is aimed at determining the unfulfilled demand for labour in Trinidad and Tobago and is designed to produce other indicators such as the turnover rate, the separations rate, the job openings rate, the average time taken to fill vacant positions, as well as other characteristics of the establishment where vacancies exist.

This survey is expected to be completed by the end of July and a report published by the final quarter of 2023. It will also provide valuable information on the Private and State Enterprises to the public and private sectors, researchers and the general public.

The areas are jobs that are in high demand; the qualifications required to fill vacancies; labour turnover and projected Job Vacancies.