Minister Hinds said the gov’t always had the FSO Nabarima matter under control

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Minister Hinds said the gov’t always had the FSO Nabarima matter under control

Minister of Youth Development, Fitzgerald Hinds, hit back at Opposition MP’s for remarks made on the report issued by Minister of Energy and Energy Industries on the FSO Nabarima.

Minister Hinds, via a Facebook post, condemned Opposition MP Rodney Charles and Dave Tancoo; saying their “culture of hate, scandal and alarum, under the reckless leadership of their unsteady leader.”

Minister Hinds said “they continue to do all in their power to make our country look bad and be the laughing stock of the region.”

He said “the report shows that the FSO Nabarima, an oil-storage vessel/storage platform, is sound and stable, with no possibility of capsizing! The listing/tilt observed is absolutely no threat , given the design and engineered technology in the vessel.”

Minister Hinds said “the government always had this matter in sight and under control, before the scandal of these howlers, we had been in contact with Venezuela about this vessel, in their waters.”

”They assured us that it was stable and offered no risk. They have been proven right, by our investigative team of experts. We had to negotiate with Venezuela, to get access to the vessel. We had to get clearance form the US, which has sanctions on that unfortunate country. No breach of sanctions can apply in cases of emergency or to prevent environmental degradation.”

Minister Hinds said the Government notes that Suriname, Guyana and Venezuela and others would be affected if an accident were to occur.