Minister Cox Praises Efforts Of The Indian Women’s Group

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Minister Cox Praises Efforts Of The Indian Women’s Group

“Every Non-governmental organisation should take a more proactive role in creating programmes and services that will empower persons to get out of poverty, heal the broken-hearted, deliver the captives, and give direction to those who have lost their way.”

This according to Minister of Social Development and Family Services, Donna Cox.

Minister Cox was, at the time addressing attendees at the Annual Fundraising Dinner hosted by the Trinidad & Tobago Indian Women’s Group, recently , at the Passage to Asia’s Chandelier Hall, Chaguanas.

Lauding the Indian Women’s Group of Trinidad and Tobago, which was founded in May of 1989 as a veritable champion of the underprivileged, the Minister endorsed the organisation’s mission, which was borne out of the simple desire to ensure no one is left behind; aligning well with the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services’ mandate.

During her brief address to those gathered, Minister Cox reiterated that our country is faced with the challenge of creating economic freedom, especially for poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged persons; and while it is not an easy task, it is one that the Ministry consistently addresses on a daily basis.

With this in mind, she added that within recent times, the Ministry has been more intentional about establishing partnerships with Non-Government Organisations, Faith-based Organisations, and Community-based Organisations, which are dedicated to ensuring that our vulnerable populations are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

To this end, she assured the Ministry is committed to continue to pursue initiatives to support these and other civil society organisations, through capacity building, partnerships and other collaborative mechanisms within the Ministry.

In closing, Minister Cox congratulated the Indian Women’s Group on the work they are doing and on the many lives they have touched with their generosity; as the proceeds of fundraising dinner would be utilized to bring relief and support to those who experience difficulty meeting their basic needs and the needs of their dependents.

President of the Indian Women’s Group, Soraya Khan, in her remarks, thanked Minister Cox for attending, and indicated the organisation is committed helping the underprivileged and plans to partner with the Ministry to fulfil their goals.

The event, entitled “Bollywood Night”, attracted a significant turn out and patrons were treated to live entertainment by Kaitlyn Sultan, Satnarine Ragoo and Nelisha Mohammed.

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services was pleased to be part of this fundraiser and encourages