Karen Nunez-Tesheira: “Gov’t has managed T&T’s Covid-19 response very well”…But…

Karen Nunez Teshiera

Former Finance Minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira who served under the Patrick Manning administration from 8 November, 2007 – 25 May, 2010 has hailed the govenrment’s management of the Covid-19 pandemic as ‘well done’ with the Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley displaying admirable leadership qualities that she had not seen before this situation:

She however voiced concerns about the composition of government’s ‘recovery team’ saying the businessmen on the team will not be able to look past their own interests, in addition to the governments poor track record of effective implementation of policy in the past four and a half years:

She also said that many of the people named on the ‘recovery team’ were on the now defunct ‘National Economic advisory board’ led then by Dr. Terrence Farrell and that board was incapable of achieving it’s mandate or getting vey much implemented, so whats going to be the difference in this instance? She also voice concerns about the business interests named on the team in terms of them being basically ‘merchants’ who consume forex as opposed to generating vital foreign exchange for the country:

Mrs. Nunez-Tesheira also added that the Covid-19 pandemic did not create our fiscal deficit. It was created because the finance Minister miscalculated the gas and oil prices in the last budget which never materialised creating a deficit even before the pandemic:

She ended by providing some recommendations for the future:

She was speaking on Power 102’s Power Breakfast Morning show.