Israel Khan: Race has nothing to do with home invasions

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Israel Khan: Race has nothing to do with home invasions

President of the Criminal Bar Association Israel Khan, SC says home invasions is a crime of opportunity and it has nothing to do with race.

In an Express interview, he admitted that most victims are East Indians and the perpetrators are Afro-Trinidadians, but he said, they are not being targeted by these criminals because they are East Indians.

“I unhesitatingly agree that race has nothing to do with home invasions. They are crimes of opportunity. Nevertheless it is an established fact, or rather the empirical evidence supports the conclusion that the great majority of home invasions in recent times are confined to the homes of East Indians and the perpetrators of those horrendous crimes are young Afro-Trinidadians.”

Khan added that he strongly supports the Opposition leader’s call to enact legislation to allow homeowners to stand their ground in protecting their lives and loved ones from being brutalised and robbed.

Khan said a homeowner should have the right to kill a bandit once they enter their home.

“Home invasions do not encompass trespassing in your yard to steal zabocas or mangoes; it does not mean you are entitled to kill someone who entered your gallery or porch. But once the bandits enters your house you should be entitled in law to kill the intruder, and reasonable force should not be an issue for such a killing,” he said.

Khan said, once qualified, every law-abiding and responsible homeowner who applies for a Firearm User’s Licence should be granted a licence to protect himself and his family.