PM cleared over “Inezgate”; Integrity Commission no longer interested in townhouse purchase

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PM cleared over “Inezgate”; Integrity Commission no longer interested in townhouse purchase

“Inezgate” is over.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has revealed that the Integrity Commission is no longer pursuing his purchase of a Tobago townhouse which the UNC had made the Commission investigate him on.

Speaking at Thursday’s PNM meeting in Tunapuna, Rowley said before the Tobago House of Assembly elections the UNC was “looking for a scandal” and created an issue out of the purchase of a $1.2 million Tobago townhouse by Rowley and his wife who used their personal savings.

He said they dubbed it “Inezgate” and wrote the commission to investigate him. “From then until last week I’m under all kinds of investigations; IC giving me a letter, a deadline to respond and Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Saddam Hosein on the platform trying to give you the impression I have some scandal to account for!

“Well, I’m pleased to tell you, after all the wasting of time by the Integrity Commission, Saddam, and UNC, the Integrity Commission has finally come to their senses and have written to me telling me that they no longer have any interest in the matter.”

Rowley said the UNC had nothing to campaign on and is now engaged in “lies”. He said “inheritance tax” was never an issue yet Persad-Bissessar fabricated this “monstrous lie “and despite the Finance Minister stating it wasn’t true, the UNC put an ad in the newspaper on the lie created to incite people”.

But, he added, “Mrs Persad-Bissessar–you lie!”

“Notwithstanding the low offer what the country could afford and still remain on an even keel, all those demanding more and more from less and less, if a Government enters office, offer and give you more than the country could afford, the only way that could be managed is to cut employment in the public service. But from day one, we said we are not …”