Hike in KFC prices from today

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Hike in KFC prices from today

KFC customers will be seeing an increase in cost to many of their favourite fast food specials, starting today, Monday July 19th.

Today is the first day of business for all food operators throughout the country and while many have been looking forward to tasting their KFC combos once again, Chief Executive Officer of Prestige Holdings, Simon Hardy, said the company had significant supply chain issues and had to mitigate the cost of oil and chicken, which increased over the last few months.

In an interview with TTT last evening, Mr Hardy told the media house that “This has been a global phenomena, so we (Prestige Holdings) are assessing across all of our brands.”

Hardy said in terms of KFC specifically, they’ve tried to do a blend of maintaining some prices, but unfortunately, there will be some increases that customers will see.

Of the 60 KFC branches located across the country, three will remain closed – Valpark, West Mall and UWI.

Hardy added that upon reopening, customers must follow all Covid19 protocols and he pointed out that extra security will be placed at certain branches the flow of customers.