Heat in de place! T&T records its hottest day for the year thus far

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Heat in de place! T&T records its hottest day for the year thus far

Trinidad recorded its hottest temperature for 2023 on Thursday afternoon, surpassing the previous record set on August 7th. The temperature then was 33.4°C.

According to the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS), Piarco recorded a maximum high temperature of 33.8°C on Thursday, the highest for the year, while at Crown Point, a maximum high of 31.8°C was recorded.

Yesterday also had the warmest morning for the year at both climate reference sites. Piarco recorded 27.2°C, which tied with August 23 for the highest minimum low temperature for 2023 to date. A whopping 28.7°C was noted at Crown Point, Tobago, the warmest for the year on the island.

T&T has entered the secondary peak of the local heat season, which runs from March through October, with this peak beginning in August through October. Light winds, relatively high moisture, and high-pressure systems between tropical waves and cyclones allow warmer temperatures to develop and persist across the country during this time of year.

At present, the remnants of Tropical Storm Gert are persisting east of the Leewards, well northeast of Trinidad, leading to a breakdown of trade winds and an abundance of moisture at low levels of the atmosphere. This increased moisture allows the air to hold more heat, while the light to near-calm winds leads to this warm air generally remaining in place. Sunny days warm the air and land, while nighttime mid and upper-level clouds lead to persistent heat, even during the night.

Yesterday, temperatures across the country ranged from 32°C to 37°C, but how hot it felt outside, known as the heat index, was much higher. According to data from automated and personal weather stations, heat indices across both islands reached levels that are considered dangerous, between 41°C and 51°C.

More hot temperatures are forecast for next week, with a tropical wave and the Intertropical Convergence Zone bringing some brief, but needed heat relief by next Tuesday.