Hackers hit Blue Waters operations

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Hackers hit Blue Waters operations

Hackers have struck again.
This time the target is Blue Waters Products Limited, who confirmed that their operations had been affected by a ransomware attack.

The company is still assessing the cyberattack and have taken the necessary actions.

Blue Waters CEO Dominic Hadeed said: “Our automated ordering and delivery capabilities are now back to normal.

“Once we know more about how it happened, we will be communicating internally and with our business partners accordingly,” he added.

Hadeed said in the current landscape, cyberattacks have become commonplace and the company is committed to increasing investments in cybersecurity.

A screenshot of one of the company’s computers shows a ransom notice warning that Blue Waters’ data will be released on the dark web.

Digital strategist Keron Rose posted on social media about the hack of the regional beverage company and hinted at the possible leakage of information.