Guidelines Issued On Keeping Children Safe During The Festive Season

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Guidelines Issued On Keeping Children Safe During The Festive Season

Several guidelines have been issued by the Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago during this festive season to keep children safe.

They include maintaining open lines of communication with children.

Encourage them to share their experiences and feelings, creating a supportive environment.

  • Teach children not to accept gifts, food or drinks from strangers.
  • Do not leave children alone in a vehicle.
  • Older children are not to be left to care for, or supervise younger children.
  • Teach children it’s okay to say “no” to unwanted hugs, kisses, or other affection, even from family members.

Empower them to speak up if they feel uncomfortable.

  • Teach children Ok and Not Ok touches and that their body is their own and no one has a right to touch them.
  • Teach children the correct names of their private body parts.
  • Know who is supervising your child at all times.
  • Use privacy settings on social media sites.
  • Cover exposed water containers, buckets, barrels, tanks and empty pools when not in use.
  • Keep a watchful eye on children when at the beach, river and pool.

Children should only be allowed to venture into or around bodies of water with a responsible adult.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to use non-physical forms of discipline to reduce incidents of physical abuse.

For more tips, visit the Authority’s Facebook page or contact the National Family Services Division of the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services at 623- 2608 ext. 6701 to 6711, if support is required.

The public is reminded that “child protection is everybody’s business” and any incident or suspicion of abuse should be reported to the Police at 999 or the Authority at 996.