Griffith: Criminals need to have the ‘fear of god’ for police officers!

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Griffith: Criminals need to have the ‘fear of god’ for police officers!

If the police service is turned into something that puts fear in the hearts of criminals then crime will decrease according to Former National security Minister and Police Commissioner Gary Griffith.

Some 308 people had been murdered as of yesterday, according to figures from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations.

The number of murders suggests that at least one person has been killed each day and if the current trend continues unabated, there could be a projected 460 killings by the end of the year.

For the first six months of this year, 228 people were murdered. Since then, in two months (July-August), 80 people were killed, an average murder of 30 to 35 killings a month.

According to figures provided by the T&T Police Service, 74 per cent of all murders were committed by guns

To date, 29 of the 308 murder victims have been women.

Speaking on Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show this morning Griffith said that the reason for the alarming increase in violent criminal activity has to do with criminal’s lack of fear for the police.

He said the NOC hat has now been assigned to the SSA could have had a significant effect on the crime scourge affecting T&T, since it provided information on criminal activity that helped in stopping crime.

He also explained that in his view things can be turned around to arrest the crime situation.