Griffith claps back at Gonzales; calls him a failure

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Griffith claps back at Gonzales; calls him a failure

Political leader of the NTA, Gary Griffith, has slammed Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales following comments he (Gonzales) made concerning the UNC”s accommodation.

Gonzales recently described Jack Warner’s return as a threat to the moral values of this country.

He said: “Jack Austin Warner represents the worse of Trinidad and Tobago. A malignancy that threatens our moral and spiritual values.
“Aided and abetted by a dangerous and desperate Opposition Leader and a hapless leader of a ‘family planning association’ calling itself the NTA.

However, Griffith in turn has described Gonzales as a failure.

“The biggest failure as a minister in Rowley’s Cabinet, after Hinds, is undoubtedly Gonzales, who now seems to have the ability to finally speak and be active after three years in slumber, hence the reason for him being a total failure and unable to provide the basic needs in his Ministry of Public Utilities to our citizens,” said Griffith.

Griffith alleged that Gonzales could not provide basic needs to citizens and this was one of the main reasons why voters were turning their backs on the PNM.