Four Claxton Bay families left homeless after fire

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Four Claxton Bay families left homeless after fire

A raging bushfire in Claxton Bay on the weekend, has left four families, consisting of a total of nine people, homeless.

Brothers Toolsie Ramdass-Singh, 50 and Thackoor Baboolal, 59, lost everything when fire burning the lands behind their home reached their wooden structures along Soledad Road North.

Another brother, auto-mechanic Ramprakash Baboolal’s home survived, but he suffered damage to six vehicles, some his own and others belonging to clients.

The family said they noticed the fire in the distance around 1 pm, but a half an hour later, it was behind their structures and quickly spread.

Reports state that by the time they realised there was a fire, they had to run and could not save anything.

The Disaster Management Unit at the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation provided mattresses and tarpaulins, while Claxton Bay/Pointe-a-Pierre councillor Shazeeda Nadia Khan-Mohammed delivered food hampers, sheets, clothes and water tanks.

Anyone wishing to help the families can call 485-6996 or 364-8772.