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Martin George: Privy Council ruling concern for law abiding citizens

Attorney Martin George says the recent ruling of the Privy Council in relation to the granting of bail for the murder accused is a matter which must be of grave concern to all law abiding citizens in Trinidad and Tobago.

He said that we will now have to contend with a plethora of applications from persons who will hold that based on the ruling they now have a right to apply for bail.

However he says the ruling does not mean that applicants will automatically get bail.


He said the Pricy Council had previously made the ruling in the Pratt and Morgan case that found that if someone was on death row for five years without the sentence being implemented that would be too long.

George maintained that there has been a gradual erosion of what were previously thought of as the safe guards in the judicial system.

He stated that despite this ways must be found to make the judicial system more efficient.