Five arrested, illegal guns and ammo seized, during anti-crime exercise 

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Five arrested, illegal guns and ammo seized, during anti-crime exercise 

On Friday 6th January, in a series of coordinated efforts, police from ten Divisions conducted successful anti-crime exercises resulting in the seizure of guns, ammunition, and the arrests of five individuals.

The operations, led by senior officers and carried out by specialized units targeted known high-risk areas and offenders.

Based on information, officers of the Western Division Task Force

proceeded to Johnson Lane Bagatelle Road, where a search was conducted on an unsecured lot of land, and the officers found and seized one illegal AR-15 rifle fitted with twenty-one rounds of 5.56 millimetre ammunition. Additional checks were made in an area near the unsecured land, and one bulletproof vest was also found and seized.

Meanwhile During the hours of 2 pm and 6pm, officers of the Central Division Task Force(CDTF) Area North, with the assistance of the Canine Unit, the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) and members of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment, conducted several search warrants in high risk areas. As a result of the efforts, one homemade shotgun and 773 grams of marijuana were found and seized.

As the exercise in the Central Division continued, a search was conducted at a bar in Kelly Village and one illegal Glock 17 pistol with three rounds of 9 millimetre ammunition were found and seized. Four individuals were arrested as a result of this find.

Several search warrants were executed for illegal firearms and ammunition at John Trace Laventille, Belmont, and Duncan Street.

As the operations in Port of Spain continued, the officers proceeded to an abandoned building, where a search was conducted. During the search, a 25-year-old man was found to be in possession of an illegal Taurus pistol loaded with 10 rounds of nine-millimeter ammunition.

He was arrested.

These operations targeted hot spots and known offenders as officers aim to disrupt illegal activities.

Source: TTPS