Faith Evans and Stevie J close to settling divorce after stolen Benz drama

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Faith Evans and Stevie J close to settling divorce after stolen Benz drama

Faith Evans and Stevie J are now one step closer to settling their acrimonious divorce, according to new court documents.

Per The Blast, the former Bad Boy producer filed what’s called a statement of disclosure, which is when all the finances are listed for the benefit of the other party.

While details of the statement of disclosure, which was filed in Los Angeles County courts, were not released, legal experts at the outlet suggest that this is a sign that the pair is about to settle their divorce. However, the terms of the divorce may remain private if the couple wishes to do so.

This latest turn of events in the Faith Evans and Stevie J divorce saga is a more positive bit of news. Back in April, the ex-Love & Hip Hop star star was ordered to turn over his estranged wife’s vehicle after she claimed he stole it in order to drive to Coachella.

Evans filed an emergency motion to have the car — a 2023 Mercedes Sprinter Van — returned as she purchased it this year with her own money. The incident in question allegedly transpired after Evans went to bed, at which point Stevie is said to have taken the keys and drove away with the vehicle.

Evans said she followed up with Stevie and asked him to return the vehicle, but he declined. She added in the docs that she had previously filed a police report reporting the vehicle stolen on April 12, which the court granted and ordered the car to be returned immediately.

The “Love Like This” singer also asked the court to intervene to make sure Stevie J couldn’t drive the van as well as her other vehicles, including a 2020 Mercedes G Wagon and Chrysler Pacifica.

“The insurance policy does not cover [Stevie], and he is unauthorized to drive,” the motion reads, with Evans adding that she paid $164,000 for the van without any financing. She also said that Stevie’s license is currently suspended so legally he can’t operate a motor vehicle.

But now, however, it seems that the pair have put their differences behind them, and are one step closer to settling their divorce in peace.