FA Rescinds 1 of Southampton’s Red Cards in 9-0 Loss


FA Rescinds 1 of Southampton’s Red Cards in 9-0 Loss

The FA cancels Jan Bednarek’s red card following a 9-0 defeat to Manchester United on Tuesday night.

The Football Association of England or the FA cancels the red card of Southampton defender Yan Bednare after being red carded after the defeat of Manchester United.

Bednarek was given a red card when it was seen as a foul for Manchester United striker Anthony Marcial, losing both penalties and being sent off in the Premier League. Last tuesday

After the race South Hampton Appealed the red card because of the view that Bednarek did not intend to foul. Therefore should not be a red card

Recently, the FA decided to cancel Bednarek’s red card, allowing him to enter the field to help the team in the next game to visit. South Hampton On Saturday, February 6

A statement from the FA said: ” Jan Bednarek will be able to enter Southampton’s next game after the Independent Disciplinary Committee agreed to an appeal that said it was an unlawful sacking and lifted his ban. ”

” Bednarek was sacked for obstructing the pace of the goal in the game against Manchester United on Tuesday.”

The rules state that if a foul player tries to play the ball, like Bednarek does, it should be a yellow card in situations like this. ”