Drama within the UNC? Motion filed for former members to return and help strengthen executive

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Drama within the UNC? Motion filed for former members to return and help strengthen executive

It seems there may be some trouble brewing within the United National Congress (UNC).
This, after a motion was filed on Wednesday for the return of all former, inactive members.

The aim? To get a stronger national executive than the current management team.
The motion is set to be moved at this Sunday’s National Congress, which is carded to take place at the Couva South Hall.

According to reports, the motion was filed by MPs Dr Fuad Khan and Ramona Ramdial, with support by other UNC die-hards, including attorney Larry Lalla.

In a letter sent to UNC’s general secretary, Khan and his crew are calling for the motion to be approved for debate at the Congress, “as it speaks to the survival of our party and the readiness to return to government.”

The motion raises further questions about divisions within the party, and following last Friday’s Electoral College, which saw only 22 out of 25 Opposition parliamentarians vote the UNC’s nominee for president, Israel Khan, SC.

In Khan and Ramdial’s motion, they noted that the UNC hasn’t been able to achieve electoral success in the past seven years since 2015; that many members, former past members, former executive, founding members have all been inactive in the party’s forward strategy; and the party can benefit from their experience.

They said the leadership consisting of the political leader and the National Executive should find a method of approach to communicate and embrace the forementioned groups of previous experienced members and well-wishers.

The motion further stated that failure to develop such a plan within three months should result in a new internal election for a National Executive WITHOUT the position of political leader being contested.