DOMA: TT needs to capitalise on absence of major carnivals worldwide

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DOMA: TT needs to capitalise on absence of major carnivals worldwide

The Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) is again calling on the government of Trinidad and Tobago to seize the opportunity and host 2021 Carnival events.

The Association is also urging the Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts to convene a meeting of Carnival stakeholders, to create a Carnival show that would do this country proud.

In a statement to the media on Thursday, DOMA maintains that a massive international space has been left vacant by the absence of major carnivals all over the world.

The Association said “If anyone were to do a carnival production of even the smallest scale we feel certain that it would be enthusiastically received by a COVID-19 weary world.”

“What we are asking for is a thoughtful engagement with all our carnival peoples to examine the possibility of a novel, artistic presentation as a cultural gift to the world and, to us the givers, a gift as well.”

DOMA’s release added that while they are heartened by positive communication from many in the artistic community, they were left disappointed, again, by the misunderstanding and, in some usual places, deliberate cynicism and misrepresentation of our suggestions.

“Our major intention is to say that while the world is in a pandemic-induced psychological spiral and with all major Carnivals cancelled, a unique opportunity exists for Trinidad and Tobago.”

“We envisage a scaled down artistic presentation, rich in the culture of our Carnival roots; a Monday and Tuesday public presentation in the streets of Dames, Pierrots and jab jabs, our Kambule perhaps with Covid 19 as a potential Captain Baker, dragons laden with chains, fancy sailors with room for their firemen to stoke their furnaces and, if we can stir the artistic pot strongly enough Covid-19 Tan-Tans with masked Saga Boys in close attendance? Many of the aforementioned characters have their costumes stored from year to year and could be refreshed quickly.”

DOMA said Such an exhibition could very well grab international media attention and say to the world “Look us!”.

They are not proposing a fete and party scene but rather an exhibition of culture and art.
DOMA said “We need to think deeply and quickly. We think it crucial that the Minister of Culture and the Arts convene an urgent meeting of Carnival minds to formulate a proposal for a mini-T&T Carnival presentation to the world and an ode to ourselves.

“It is very possible for our Country to make its presence felt with, perhaps, a series of spectator-less public portrayals on February 15th and 16th and to use this opportunity to promote our country as a destination rich with culture and artistic talent.